In Hillsboro, WV, The Little Levels Heritage Fair and the Pearl S. Buck International Writers’ Workshop gather the threads of life. This community weaves and frames pieces of their heritage into a celebration of Pearl S. Buck and West Virginia living. Each single thread—human enterprise past and future‐‐like the threads on the loom in the Sydenstricker House, birthplace of Pearl S. Buck’s father—complete the tapestry of this annual ce
The large Loom overpowers a room in the Sydenstricker House. Single threads align vertically flowing into a complete woven fabric. Imagination leads one to see single thread as a part of life.
Each thread symbolizes the earth, farm land, human hardship, enterprise, unions, fortune and misfortune, human emotions
‐‐ happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, loneliness, companionship and joy. Student writers and storytellers along with instructors, and the community meet to talk and write about each of these single threads, the fabric of human life. This community takes each single thread‐‐ like the Greenbrier River joining the New River—and join each single thread to complete this whole celebration tapestry.
By Sharon Kennedy
Figure 1 Photo by Sharon Kennedy
Figure 1 Photo by Sharon Kennedy

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